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Consulting Services

  • Strategic Investment Guidance

You can rely on companies in search of external financing to tell you the upsides of investing in their technology. They are usually not very good at seeing the potential downsides, however. Our broad experience in chemistry and biochemistry, taken together with our IP experience, can provide a vital dose of caveat emptor complementary to that provided by the investment candidate.
  • Molecular Triage

No matter how good your development teams are, there will come a project or a point in time where you just get stuck and need a fresh, external point of view. Our backgrounds combines general chemistry, biochemistry, organic synthesis, physiology, biometrics, statistics and molecular modeling in a way that has a good chance of shedding new light on information you already have

  • Method & Model Validation

New descriptors and new methods of analysis are being developed all the time - in academia, at software companies and in-house - and they often have a lot to offer. A good validation is hard to do, though, and the job unfortunately often falls to the least busy people in an organization rather than to the most capable. Literature validation studies can be useful, but they are often carried out in a context that doesn't quite fit with what you want to do. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have an independent party characterize a new method in terms of applicability, reliability and accuracy before putting a lot of time and energy - not to mention money - into it yourself?
  • Outsourcing

Many smaller biotech companies put off bringing a molecular modeller until the need to do so is all too obvious because they fear the sunk costs of hiring one. Unfortunately, the need at that point is often painfully acute and the situation so tangled up that it takes a very experienced - and expensive - person to untangle them. Getting part-time modeling support early on can help you avoid this trap, pave the way for hiring permanent in-house staff when the time comes, or find out whether modelling can do anything for you.  Our direct synthesis experience is particularly valuable in such situations.
  • CAMD & QSAR Training

Customized training in Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) is available from experts in the field, with a particular emphasis on learning how to identify reliably predictive structure - activity relationships (SARs).  The software available from Tripos and other vendors includes a lot of powerful functionality, but some of it isn't as readily accessible as one might wish for carrying out particular tasks, and most of it is easy to mis-use.  The combination of having devoted years to basic research in the area and having created some of the most advanced software available makes us uniquely qualified to train you in how to get the most out of CAMD tools like GALAHAD to effectively address your particular problems.