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As Vice President of Science & Research at Tripos, Bob was responsible for generating intellectual property.  He was also, however, charged with keeping track of the company's overall portfolio and worked closely with Tripos' patent attorney and business development staff to determine where and when it made sense to pursue patent protection.  This dove-tailed nicely with his patent experience at Monsanto.

Bob's patented inventions include:
  • R.D. Clark, A. Strizhev & E. Abrahamian (2007).  A computer-implemented method for aligning flexible molecules by performing ensemble alignment in the internal coordinate space followed by rigid body alignment in Cartesian space.  US Patent Application 20070143030.

  • E. Abrahamian, R.D. Clark, P. Fox & E. Metwally (2007 & 2009) Method for characterizing and analyzing 3-D shapes of molecules utilizing steric multiplets. US Patents 7,212,951 and 7,580,799 B2).

  • R.D. Cramer & R.D. Clark (2007). Computer-implemented method of generating and characterizing representative three dimensional conformations of reactant molecules. US Patent No. 7,184,893.

  • R.D. Clark (2003).  An optimal dissimilarity method for choosing distinctive items of information from a large body of information. US Patent No. 6,535,819.

  • D.E. Patterson, R.D. Cramer, R.D. Clark & A.M. Ferguson (2001).  A method for selecting an optimally diverse library of small molecules based on validated molecular structural descriptors.  US Patent No. 6,185,506.

  • R.D. Clark, D.P. Phillion & W.P. Clinton (1993).  o-Aminobenzanilides and their uses as wheat fungicides.  D 41-21-3250.

  • A.E. Otal, R.D. Clark & J.I. McLoughlin (1993).  Synergistic interaction of piperonyl butoxide with carboxanilides and other wheat fungicides.  D 41-21-3249.

  • R.D. Clark & K. Moedritzer (1990).  Substituted 3-(4-trifluoromethylphenoxy)-pyrazoles and their use as herbicides. D 09-21-3050.

  • K. Moedritzer, M.D. Rogers, R.D. Clark & B.J. Gaede (1990).  Optical isomers of pyrazole phenyl ethers having enhanced herbicidal properties. D 09-21-2998.

  • R.D. Clark, B.J. Gaede & K. Moedritzer (1990).  New N-(2-nitro-5-(pyrazol-3-yloxy)phenyl)methyl ureas useful as herbicides. D 09-21-2984.